Madness & Mayhem

Slippery When Wet - Game II

When we last left our heroes…

Adventure No. II: Slippery When Wet

Of our heroes’ adventures as a party in twain and their eventual reunion.

SETTING: Essembra (Faerun, Dalelands, Battledale)
DATE: 1378, 15th Tarsukh, Nighttime
CHARACTERS: Gaharis, Kiriandra, Loraina, Rowan, Salvia
LOCATION: Essembra (various)

Kiriandra and Salvia were trying to find somewhere to take Rowan so he could be healed, and were wondering what to do with their new goblin “friend”. Loraina and Gaharis went off to fight in the big battle which had commenced beyond the city walls. And the halfling Bard chose to stay in the Fest Hall, to dance a merry jig.


Scene I: “Rule #1… don’t EVER split up the party”

Loraina and Gaharis headed off towards the gates of Essembra, to join the battle which was raging. Along the way, the duo were attacked under cover of darkness by a quartet of mean-spirited goblins. Both were sorely wounded, and before they could recover, a battle ensued in the streets of Essembra. Many blows were traded and Loraina fell, and smote a goblin as she collapsed. Gaharis, once the scene was clear, tended as best he could to Loraina’s wounds. Realizing his ability to heal was lacking, he took her to the nearest temple, the House of Gond. As he could not carry her fully, some of her equipment was left at the wayside. Leaving her at the temple, Gaharis went off to fight more battles, and ended up fighting alongside one of the Lord’s Men, the halfling from the Fest Hall.

Salvia and Kiriandra discussed their options, and decided to take Rowan (who was now a token in Salvia’s neck pouch), and their goblin buddy, to the Lord’s Hall, to see if they had set up a triage and hostage area. During their travel across town, they encountered a horde of hobgoblins surrounding a fallen member of the Lord’s Men. During the ensuing fight, the goblin “friend” leapt between Salvia and one of the hobgoblins to protect her, and received a near-fatal gash to the chest. This caused something to snap inside the mind of Salvia and she proceeded to psionicly thrash her opponents, causing each one in turn to succumb to the painful memories she was bringing alive inside them. Kiriandra drew forth her longsword to repay the hobgoblins in kind for their assaults. Once the hobgoblins were slain by their combined efforts, the pair proceeded to take the member of the Lord’s Men and the unconscious goblin “friend” to the Lord’s Hall. Upon arriving at the Hall, they spoke with a member of the Guard, who proceeded to tell them that there was no triage, nor POW camp, set up at that time. The Lord’s Man was left with the Guard, and the pair took the hostage to the Fest Hall to see if there was someone who could heal the three of them.

Scene II: Loraina’s Fists-of-Fury

Loraina awoke, healed, in the House of Gond, somewhat poorer for the journey. Much of her equipment had been left behind at the scene of her fall. Determined as she was to rejoin the fight, she left the House of Gond unarmed, wearing only armor. As she exited the Temple, she heard the sounds of fighting from around the side of the building. There, she encountered a bevy of goblins assaulting a solitary Lord’s Man. Not thinking twice, she ran to assist, attempting to alternately grapple and kick the goblins. After a period of confusion, during which some of the goblins attacked their allies, the Lord’s Man was saved and the goblins were defeated. Loraina then went to find her missing equipment and her comrade, Gaharis.

Scene III: So Happy Together

Loraina met up with Gaharis, reached the Gate of Essembra, and closed the Gate. From behind them, they heard something trying to sneak up. They turned around to see a deranged-looking goblin, tattooed on his forehead with a jawless skull surrounded by a purple sunburst. The goblin carried two javelins, and no shield. Gaharis could barely contain the laughter which welled up inside him. Loraina tried to intimidate the goblin, but failed to do so. The goblin attempted to strike both of them, and he was slain by Loraina. (He probably should’ve been intimidated, I would think). She then proceeded to dismember the goblin and put his head on a javelin, and carried it around. The duo then decided to return to the Fest Hall.

Scene IV: A Merry Reunion

Salvia and Kiriandra were heading back to the Fest Hall, with their goblin “friend” in tow, when they were confronted by a pack of four goblins. The goblins wanted their goblin cohort back and were extremely derogatory in their requests, which did not succeed in their persuasion. Combat ensued with Gaharis and Loraina trying to find their way toward the fracas, unsuccessfully (as Loraina was busy picking her nose with a javelin). Ultimately, the party proved victorious and managed to defeat the goblins, and returned to the Fest Hall.

Scene V: MARCO!

Once in the confines of the Fest Hall, the party bartered with the halfing Bard, as they found he had the ability to heal. The party was healed to the fullest extent, for the price of Rowan and Loraina’s take from their performance, and there was much rejoicing (yay…). Shortly thereafter, some members of the group heard the gutteral speech of goblin from outside the building. Kiriandra informed the party that the group outside was intending to come in, and that they had said something about a temple. The party took up strategic locations and waited as the goblins rushed inside. As the last goblin entered the room, Loraina kicked the door shut behind them. Loraina remained in her position by the door, taking swipes at the nearby goblins. Gaharis opened fire with his long-bow, hoping for that one perfect shot, whilst Kiriandra let forth a bolt of mystical energy. Salvia focused all her effort on forcing the goblins to remember the most embarrassing moments of their lives. Rowan remained a token in a pouch.

As the goblins tried to close the gap on Gaharis, who continued hoping for that one great shot, they took swipes at Loraina. The door was suddenly kicked open into Loraina, and in entered two hobgoblins. The hobgoblins began to confront Loraina, and Gaharis could see another hobgoblin in half-plate armor standing outside, where he cast a spell, sending a wave of fear through the room. The goblins continued to close in on Gaharis (who was still working on that perfect shot) and Kiriandra, while the rest of the horde were attacking Loraina. Salvia couldn’t quite muster the embarrassing moments, and instead began trying to arouse fear in the enemy’s minds. The caster in half-plate entered, and with the door closed, attempted to invoke more fear into the mind of Loraina, causing her to experience to some degree the dark void his Goddess espouses. The tumultuous fight went back and forth, with our heroes picking the enemy off, one-by-one, until the enemy caster caused mist to rise from the ground and obscure the aim of the archer, Gaharis. Gaharis and Kiriandra, no longer able to see the rest of the combat, attempted to reposition themselves, with goblins in pursuit.

Before entering into the mist, the hobgoblin caster cast a final spell on the ground in front of him, causing it to become saturated with water. Shortly thereafter, all the enemy, save the hobgoblin caster, were decimated. The party then, unwilling to risk entering the mist, launched arrows blindly towards where they thought the enemy may be. At Kiriandra’s suggestion, Kiriandra and Salvia decided to drag a rope through the mist to gain a sense of where the enemy may be. As Salvia came around the final edge of the misted area, she slipped on the water-saturated floor and fell. This attempt having failed to locate the enemy, Kiriandra proceeded to summon her sorcerer’s might to cause a whirlwind to dissipate the mist. Coupled with rounds of flaming arrows, the mist dissipated much more rapidly than normal. As the mist receded, the party located the hobgoblin and made short work of him. Eventually, Salvia stopped slipping, and got up. By this time, Loraina was already stripping the hobgoblin of his armor and replacing it with hers. She also found a key around the hobgoblin’s neck, which went to a chest which had been hastily left outside.




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