Madness & Mayhem

To Tell the Truth - Game III

When we last left our heroes…

Adventure No. III: To Tell the Truth

Of our heroes’ task of divvying the spoils and on the nature of Truth.

SETTING: Essembra (Faerun, Dalelands, Battledale)
DATE: 1378, 15th Tarsukh, Nighttime
CHARACTERS: Gaharis, Kiriandra, Loraina, Rowan, Salvia, Mugwort
LOCATION: Essembra (Fest Hall)

We find our heroes making camp in the Fest Hall for the eve, set with the task of dividing their loot.


Scene I: Mage…armour – The metaphysics alone boggle the mind

After dispatching the hobgoblin cleric, the party goes about ransacking the bodies and consolidating all of the loot. Kiriandra awakened her senses to the realms of the mystical, to find that there were several magical items. Not knowing how to identify them, an enterprising halfling by the name of Ravi Thistledown (the aforementioned Bard), was discovered to have that desired ability. With much deliberation, the party decided to employ his services, much to the chagrin of Salvia (who didn’t trust him one bit, thank you). Finally, an agreement was reached, and the party maintained possession of an identified wand.

Game IV approacheth… we will finish this later.



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