Madness & Mayhem

Dagger Up The Strap

Adventure No. I: Dagger Up The Strap

Of the meeting of our heroes and their initiation into the adventure.

SETTING: Essembra (Faerun, Dalelands, Battledale)

DATE: 1378, 15th Tarsukh, Nighttime

CHARACTERS: Gaharis, Kiriandra, Loraina, Rowan, Salvia

LOCATION: The Elf and Flying Stag Feast Hall


SCENE I. The Set-up

We find our heroes enjoying the food and warmth of the Feast Hall. There is a fire, music and dance, and children playing happily at their feet. The races of the patrons runs the gamut from human, to halfing, to half-elf, and even a Maenad. Our heroes are spaced around the great room; some by the fire, some at the tables, and one even joins the performers in a dance or two.

Suddenly, a few of our heroes notice the distant sound of horns coming from outside. Shortly thereafter, a handful of the patrons head out the door. A few of our heroes gather information from the patrons that the ones who left are part of the “Lord’s Men”, those chosen to protect the city. Our heroes, for various reasons, decide to head outside to determine the cause of the distress.

Once outside, our heroes ready themselves as they hear cries distinctive of goblins. In the darkness they can see nothing, but they prepare themselves for the worst.

SCENE II. Dehms is filthy things…

While most of the party was outside of the Feast Hall (while one remained inside to don his armor), a goblin scout slipped past unnoticed. The goblin retreated back to his group and alerted them that they should circle the party, who were still in the dark, unaware of the cause of the disturbance. The keen-eared hunter of the party, who especially hated goblins, heard the goblin speaking, but didn’t understand what it was saying. He went to investigate and most of the party followed. The goblinoids circled the building while the party was investigating and attacked the party from the rear, hitting the rogue who had just recently exited the Feast Hall (finally having donned his armor). The keen-eared hunter again heard the disturbance and alerted the party. As the hunter, Gaharis, rounded a corner, he took aim, fired, and felled one of the hobgoblins. Rowan, the rogue, having been just hit by two javelins, yanked one out and threw it, spearing a goblin and mortally wounding it (+1 style point). The battle commenced and the scene was revealed when Salvia, the Maenad Wilder (Psion), illuminated the field with her lantern, the Eye of Truth. From that point ranged shots were exchanged, and goblin and hobgoblin alike were felled, at great cost to the party. Kiriandra, the Sorceress, waged war using Magic Missile (she attacked the Darkness), while Loraina, the fighter, charged the goblin line with her longsword. Just as it looked as though the party would defeat the goblinoids, one cried out, “Mercy, Mercy!” With quick discussion, it was determined by the party that they would spare him, and instead take him as a prisoner of war.

SCENE III. Wie Sagt Man Das…?

Kiriandra, being fluent in the filthy tongue of goblin, assisted Salvia, who used Telempathic Projection to soften the goblin’s mood, in gaining some information. He provided the news that there were many more goblinoids, who had attacked under the mantle of the Dark Lady, because elves had evicted them from their homes. Meanwhile, Loraina searched the goblin for weapons (and valuables). Loraina proclaimed that she needed rope. Darting out of the shadows, Rowan tossed some over her shoulder, startling her, and prompting her to whisk around and stab him in the clavicle with a dagger, sending him prone. Salivia promptly responded by dressing his wound in a Blessed Bandage, thus stabilizing him. Salvia and Loraina discussed whether to take him to a church or the Feast Hall. Gaharis announced that he would be joining the battle which they could all hear taking place beyond the walls, and Kiriandra voiced that she wanted to take the goblin to where the rest of the hostages were kept.

That concludes this installment of MADNESS & MAYHEM. Tune in next week to see where the adventure will lead next!

© 2010, indigo sturm



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